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YK Art House: Gorgeous apartment in Phnom Penh

Sometimes, the main obstacle for tourists is the environment of the hotel. Many people simply do not feel practical enough because of that element. That’s why an excellent apartment Phnom Penh has to offer should cater to the tourists and these types of demands.

Any time you book a reservation at the breathtaking Phnom Penh, you can appreciate the YK Art House Apartment in Phnom Penh.

What YK Art Hotel provides

The resort has ten double rooms and three house units. While the double bedrooms look more like the usual resort rooms, the apartment units supply the visitors with a real family ambience.

All of them are also equipped with cooking areas. Assuming that you want the particular food items you are used to or Do-It-Yourself meals, you can prepare them at their fully furnished kitchens.

Moreover, the cooking area centres provide that comfortable home ambience most travellers miss so much. This is ideal for families, musicians, business owners, and also the typical visitors who are worn down of the typical resort feel.

It goes without saying but this apartment Phnom Penh can offer makes you feel at home easily.

Where to discover the lovely YK Art Hotel

The YK Art hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia is an apartment you must visit.

It is situated in the actual heart of the city, nearby the Riverside and St 308. In case you don’t know, St 308 is an area of eateries, clubs, as well as intriguing amenities for travellers.

It is likewise in close proximity to Sangkat Tonle Bassac, the spot where most brand-new companies that cultivate on development programs are located. Therefore, in case you are planning to visit that part, the YK Art hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia is the best lodging to stay.

How to book a room or unit at YK Art Hotel

You can book the accommodation directly on their website Just click “Book” for accommodation with a price of as low as 25 USD per night. That is an amazing cost for a lovely hotel of such type, right?

Furthermore, when you stay in this hotel, you can support many local charities. One of them is helping in the recovery and assistance of children that are differently abled.

Meanwhile, for vacationers who prefer to do everything by themselves, you can go to neighbourhood tourist attractions, obtain visas if required, search for transport and more.

Nevertheless, assuming that you wish to embark on a getaway where everything is ready, the resort staff will organize it too. Together with accommodation, YK Art House hotel also offers the following assistance:

– City excursions, both personal and in a group

– Visa services

– Bus reservations

– Car service

– Events organization

Why YK Art Hotel, specifically?

Something is extremely special to this apartment Phnom Penh residents love, especially if you are a creative person. The resort gives a unique holiday accommodation option, where you can work if you are a musician who’s starting a career in Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

Consequently, in, you will see the richest local culture and a cozy house ambience in one location.

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