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Top Reasons and Places that Make America a Fantastic Place to Visit!

From the soaring skyscrapers of New York City, to the verdant mountains of Maui, steaming geysers of Yellowstone, and inspiring views of Grand Canyon, the United States of America is undoubtedly a place of astounding beauty and phenomenal diversity. You’ll surely be captivated by San Francisco’s jaw-dropping sights, or be enthralled by the iconic skyline of Manhattan and the neon-lit excesses of Las Vegas when you get to tour in America.

Here are other US regions that will take your breath away:

·         New Orleans: Well loved for its European-style architecture, delectable Creole cuisine and soothing Jazz music, New Orleans is a place not to be missed.

·         Chicago: A week, a day or even a year of stay is not enough to know Chicago. America’s third largest city, Chicago, boasts its diverse culture and thriving arts scene. It also houses a myriad of shopping districts and restaurants.

·         Cape Cod: With its brilliant clam shacks and laid-back beaches, it’s easy to see why Cape Cod is a top summer destination for New England mainlanders. Fall in love with its seemingly perpetual shores, striking views, and mouth-watering seafood.

·         San Diego:  Looking for a long getaway in the sun? Then get soaked up in San Diego’s radiant sunny weather and gorgeous coastline. Tourists flock in San Diego not just because of its sunny weather and stunning shorelines, but also of its scrumptious cuisine and vivacious nightlife.

·         Portland: The calm and cool city of Portland is a home to trendy cafes, luscious eateries, and a tonne of adventure. The “City of Roses” swaggers its bike-friendly roads, accessible natural wonders, extraordinary arts and music scene.

Take an Expansive Guided Tour in America with Grand Holiday

Guided tours are actually the best and least expensive option for many travellers as they take their adventure overseas. Yes, you’ll lose a little of your freedom or the opportunity to stay longer in a place. However, no matter how many drawbacks you encounter, a guided tour in America with a professional and knowledgeable agency will make every experience worth your while.

So why take a tour in America through Grand Holiday?

With the guide of an expert, you get to enjoy every sight with an extra sense of security. You don’t have to worry where to go next, how much to pay or what activities to embark on. The tourist guide will make everything work for everyone for the entire trip.

Believe it or not, many travellers despise the finer details in planning a trip. If you find yourself struggling with hotel bookings or restaurant choices, let Grand Hotel do it for you. Travelling is all about relaxing, right? So if you want the littlest of details taken care of for you, then a guided tour might just be your perfect choice.

Finally, unless you know America like the back of your hands, or you have friends and relatives willing to free their time in order to accompany you in your trip, you will certainly need the assistance of a travelling agency. Specialised tour operators in Grand Holiday have great in-depth knowledge of America’s specific regions. The company is staffed with top-of-the-notch consultants who are armed with the best itineraries, best connecting flights, and best accommodations – so every traveller can maximise all their available time for the tour.

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