Dustless Sandblasting in the Gold Coast

Dustless blasting is a form of wet blasting that is growing increasingly popular in the industry and is now much preferred by many Gold Coast residents. They are fast and clean and highly suited for any industrial or commercial abrasive blasting Gold Coast applications. They are also used widely in the auto-industry and in diverse marine applications.

How it Works

This form of abrasive blasting Gold Coast application involves the mixing of water with the abrasive. The mixing is carried out in a blast tank. The addition of water in the blasting process not only minimizes the dust but it will also increase the mass as well as the energy that the machine will be applying.  Wet sand when used, naturally, will hit the targets harder and lead to a more effective blasting process. You do not have to worry about this sand disintegrating and developing into a cloud of sand as would happen when the dry sand is applied. This is simply the main principle that is behind the efficacy of the dustless blasting technology that can yield tremendous result.

With the abrasive blasting Gold Coast services which are dustless and rely on wet blasting, you are going to derive several advantages such as the following:

·         It is very fast. Using the wet blasting can strip a car of its paint in a matter of 2 hours! This allows you to performing your sandblasting tasks in the Gold Coast faster and more efficiently.

·         There is minimal dust: This is the more obvious advantage of the dustless blasting technique. Because it involves the mixing of the blasting material with water, there is very little dust generated during the blasting process which creates a clean and comfortable working environment. This is because the abrasive has been trapped in water and is therefore unable to generate the plumes of dust that you will normally associate with sandblasting operations.

·         Less abrasive consumption: When carrying out abrasive blasting in Gold Coast using the wet or dustless technique, the abrasive material is able to do more work with less consumption of the abrasive media.

·         Greater flexibility: The Gold Coast abrasive blasting that is based on the wet blasting technique gives you a great deal of flexibility. You will be able to use any abrasive material that can sink in water.

·         It is safe for the workers using the abrasive media: For example, it does not contain the free silica that will likely lead to the silicosis.

·         Have a paint-ready surface: The dustless abrasive blasting Gold Coast services provide rust inhibitors that will decontaminate the metal surface and leave behind a very clean and paint ready surface.

·         There is less containment: Due to the wet blasting techniques used, there is less containment that is required and this also leads to a very clean, efficient and professional service.

The dustless blasting procedures are quite versatile and can use a great variety of abrasives so long as they can sink in water and not dissolve. Recycled bottle glass is one of the most commonly used of the abrasive materials.

You can find abrasive blasting Gold Coast services to rejuvenate a great variety of surfaces such as historical monuments, churches, repairing graffiti and much more. In the Gold Coast area, you can rely on the services of IBlastUPaint to refinish and refurbish surfaces using dustless blasting techniques which will restore your surfaces at very low cost. For additional information on these services, check outhttp://www.iblastupaint.com.au/abrasive-blasting-brisbane-gold-coast-sunshine-coast-surat-basin-wide-bay.

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